I'm a huge proponent of enjoying your food! You deserve to love everything you eat, and enjoy the process of sitting at the table with friends and family.Sometimes, though, having a food sensitivity, or especially multiple sensitivities, can cause a huge problem!

Rewind to my wedding….

I have a gluten sensitivity. I can't get a diagnosis, but I think it's non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Joint pain. Anger. Exhaustion. It's not pretty.

So, I figured it would be a bad idea to have cake at my wedding. I mean, who wants to spend $1200 for something at your wedding that you can't eat (and that will make you sick for your whole honeymoon)? Honestly, I had a real attitude about it, and I knew it could be done well. In fact, we got some really irritated people when we told them we weren't having a cake. OUR WEDDING. OUR RULES, RIGHT?

But I digress. I wanted to share this picture I found, because the amazing people at the Crofton Country Club where we had our wedding (all the way back in 2001!) arranged a beautiful dessert for us. They knew I LOVE chocolate, so for Chuck and me, they made these beautiful chocolate cups and filled them with lemon sorbet and chocolate covered strawberries. With mint leaves! Oh my goodness, it was so beautiful.And that crazy friend that was mad at us for not having a cake. Guess what? He said he didn't even miss the cake. In fact, he also said that the chocolate covered strawberries and lemon sorbet were the best dessert he'd had at a wedding.

So, here's my advice to you. Think outside of the box. You can do this! You don't need to follow food trends. You can go your own way, in your home, at your restaurant, when you go out to dinner, or when you cater an event! You might be surprised at the joy it can bring to people's lives.


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