"Hey, Lori! Wanna come over for dinner?" is supposed to be the kindest offer someone can make. But to people with food sensitivities, it can cause a panic! 

What about "I brought donuts!!" Wow, this reminds me of a dear sweet Indian gentleman I knew years ago. He was in his 80's and he brought donuts to a meeting. He tried to give me one. Sooo kind, right? But the trouble was that he wouldn't take no for an answer. When I finally said I was allergic, he said "how could anyone be allergic to donuts?" I KNOW RIGHT??

There's a few friends that understand my dilemma and I never question it when they invite me over. Mom of course, Sandra (she can cook for me any time), Jessica (this girl made me pizza and dessert!), Jane (made me Thai food!), Crystal (knows what's what), Reba (is a paleo mastermind). Other people try so hard, but asking them 20 questions before eating is a chore for them and for me. My goal is to educate others, and keep me and my family safe.

I know you don't want people to be offended when you bring your own food, or when you say no to the beautiful meal they cooked.

For me, I don’t just sneeze once or twice or have a stuffy nose. I get terrible pain in my joints that lasts for days. And oh the headache. My mood and attitude are ATROCIOUS! Anger comes in the first day or two. Then anxiety for a few days. Then depression. Seriously, that beautiful soup you made could make me miserable for more than a week. I know you don't want that!

Please understand: we need to be in control of our food. Our family eats really well, lots of variety, probably gourmet quality, and everyone eats the same foods. So nobody feels deprived.

So, what do you do when someone invites you over? You have a couple of choices:

---->You could talk it out and tell them all your sensitivities and take a shot in the dark that they understand
---->Or you could bring some of your own food with you… It’s so much easier!

Your real friends will understand, and everyone else, well do you want to be friends with them?

Next week, my mom is guest posting and you're gonna love what she has to say, especially if you have kids!!

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