Lori is my daughter. A pretty terrific one too! She wasn’t always healthy and chipper.

Growing up Lori was sick a lot, and she rarely felt very well. I would play a game with her to find out where she was hurting. I would barely touch her tummy with my finger and ask her, “Does it hurt here?” She would respond “Uh huh.”  After touching all her major organs to find out where she was hurting, I touched the tip of her nose and asked her, “Does it hurt here?” She always answered ”No!” It was the only spot on her little body that didn’t hurt! 

My heart broke.

I would have done anything in my power to get her well. I would usually put a pot of chicken soup on for her when started feeling sick. And she loved the noodles I added. Often she craved homemade Mac & Cheese. Back then we didn’t always associate unwellness with food sensitivities. When we found out Lori was sensitive to gluten and dairy, I couldn’t help remembering that that was exactly what she craved. And here I was trying to make my little girl feel better, when I was unknowingly making her worse!

I scoured gluten-free, dairy-free cook books to find a way to make these dietary changes for the whole family. I didn’t want to make separate meals. I wanted Lori to eat the same things her family ate. It was intimidating at first, but I quickly found that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I substituted rice flour for wheat flour. With a few little tricks, it became so easy. Dairy was a little trickier, but I soon found that that wasn’t difficult either.

Lori is married now, and does not live with us. But my husband and I for the most part still eat a gluten free, dairy free diet. We just feel better.

We had a 10th Anniversary party for Lori and Chuck and invited 25 or so of their friends. I was able to feed them all a great meal, and I made 5 desserts. No one but our family knew it was all gluten free and dairy free.

I feel so comfortable with making substitutions in my favorite recipes; I don’t even buy gluten-free, dairy-free cook books any more. I can use nearly any recipe and just make substitutions. This morning I made Maple Oat Pecan Scones with a Maple Icing. They’re pretty good too! And they are gluten free and dairy free.

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