If you're going, or you've gone gluten free, what's in your pantry? A GF pantry has to have the same essentials, like beans and rice, but also has to have some specialty items.... cookies anyone? You deserve to eat good food, and you have to keep it on hand. Otherwise, you might cheat and cause yourself a relapse.

Here's a list of some of my favorite essentials that will help you stay on the right path:

Staples 🍚 🍝 🍞 πŸͺ 
Flour, Pasta, Oats, and Rice are vital for a stocked GF pantry
Corn Chips (did you know Fritos are GF?), Popcorn, Corn Tortillas

Condiments 🌭
Soy Sauce -- did you know most soy sauce has wheat in it?? Get this kind instead.

Snacks πŸ₯œ

Dry Goods
Beans -- keep a bunch of cans handy!
Chicken Broth πŸ₯

Have you ever considered planning out your menu for the week? You'll always have what you need on hand if you follow my step by step instructions.


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