Are Food Sensitivities Causing Your Weight Gain?

I gained 3 pounds yesterday. Since 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of body fat, I know for sure it's not a calorie in calorie out thing. I would have had to eat over 10,000 calories! And that's laughable! I ate something I don't normally eat!

When I eat certain foods, my belly bloats so much I look pregnant. In fact, someone once told me that if you see someone with a big belly, and that's all that is big, then they probably have some food sensitivity. Ever hear of beer belly? Maybe a sensitivity to wheat, eh? Then that can morph into actual obesity.

When you eat foods you're sensitive to, it causes inflammation, raises cortisol, and raises insulin. This is how you become better at storing fat, especially in the belly! In fact, these are the foods you will typically be craving. Yep, you crave the foods you're sensitive to. So, you crave the food, eat the food, bloat, inflame, crave, eat, bloat inflame…. It's a vicious circle.

One study found that obese children had 3 times the level of inflammation markers (C-Reactive Protein) than children of normal weight. They also found that their IgG antibodies were 2 and a half times the children in normal weight range. 

What does this mean? There's an IgG antibody test, which shows reactivity to certain foods. I've benefitted from getting IgG testing done, but it needs to be done more than once, and generally will show up many of the things you've recently been eating if your gut isn't doing its job properly. Here's a great place to get IgG testing done. If you want to go that route, take the test, then remove the highest reactive foods for 4-6 weeks and take the test again. (This test is 20% off as of publication, and you'll get 15% more off using that link).

So, back to the question: can food sensitivities cause weight gain? Absolutely. And not just in the long run. Eating something you're sensitive to can change your weight dramatically just in a day. Is it water weight? I don't know! I can't find any information on why it can happen so quickly. But I do know that I can drop weight just as quickly when I eat right for me!

Many doctors say the best way to determine if you have food sensitivities is to do an elimination diet. Here's how.

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