A Secret Cause of Headaches
Some of the worst headaches I’ve ever had were because of food. Caffeine withdrawal was the worst, but sugar detox is a close second. Do you have headaches?

I never thought much about food sensitivities and headaches until I married Chuck. He had migraine type headaches daily. We got him down to about two or three a month, but he was still suffering debilitating headaches every once in a while. Debilitating = laying in bed in a cool room with complete darkness and an icepack. I've never run away from a mystery, so I kept digging.

So I created this food journal, and we had the answer in 3 days. THREE DAYS! Tomatoes and garlic of all things. He only has headaches now when he chooses to have them. And we've got some great tricks to combat them when they do come!

Now that I think of it, I had headaches a lot growing up. Sinus headaches. But once I got off sugar, dairy, and gluten, that completely cleared up.

If you’re suffering from headaches, and your doc says everything is fine, try an elimination diet. Remove all trigger foods for 4 weeks, and then add them back in one every week. You’ll figure it out that way. For now, journal what you eat. You may be able to narrow it down that way. But don’t think only about the meal you just had. Many people react the next day, or the day after that! Here's my course on how to do an elimination diet simply.

The Nuts and Bolts

IgG food reactions cause your body to produce antibodies against a food. That’s why there is such an inflammatory response. I get terrible joint pain when I eat those things. But it’s only a sensitivity, not an allergy. You can get a home test from Everly Well {link} and remove the highest reaction foods from your diet for 4 weeks. See what happens. Pay attention to how you feel. Before you start an elimination diet, write down every. Single. Symptom. You have.

Studies have shown that 75% of people in a migraine group no longer had regular migraines after doing an elimination diet removing IgG reactive foods. SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT! Are you ready to see what foods you might be sensitive to?

Common Food Related Causes of Headaches
  • Food Additives
  • Nitrates and Nitrites
  • MSG
  • Aged Cheeses
As is the case with Chuck, though, you can be sensitive to anything that may be causing a headache, so a great, 3-step process is this:

  1. Food journal
  2. IgG test
  3. Elimination diet
Struggling to figure out which foods to eliminate? Here’s a free Symptom Checker.

If you're trying an elimination diet, check out my blog for recipes. I post there every week!


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