Will a Functional Doc Help?
Have you ever seen a functional doctor? I always wanted to go to one, but I never found one that took my insurance.

I went on a quest to find out if there was a functional doctor somewhere in Maryland, where I live, that would take my insurance. I don’t have the greatest insurance so I wasn’t hopeful.

However, a family member found this doctor and absolutely loved her. And then I had two other people tell me that they loved her too. So I looked at my insurance and guess what? They take my insurance! A functional doctor is usually a medical doctor that has a lot of complementary medicine training as well as medical training. So they look for the root cause of your illness instead of just giving you medicine to try to stop the symptoms. Many of them use supplements as well as prescriptions.

My appointment went something like this: "so what brings you here today?" And I talked for about a half an hour and she asked question after question after question. She asked how I my health was as a kid, and I thought I covered everything and I stopped talking. And she asked one more question that covered something huge that I’ve been working with for a long time which was really cool. Anyway we I was there for an hour and 15 minutes talking to her and explaining my health situation. Have you ever had a doc spend that much time with you?

She ordered a lot of blood tests, including a full hormone panel, a full thyroid panel, and a host of other things. Here's the list if you're curious: CBC with Differential, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel, Vitamin B12 and Folate, FSH & LH, Testosterone, Hemoglobin A1c, Thyroxine (T4) Free, DHEA-Sulfate, TSH, Prolactin, Estradiol, Reverse T3, Vitamin D, Cardiac C-Reactive Protein, Homocysteine, Triiodothyronine (T3), Thyroglobulin Antibody, Copper, Zinc, Progesterone, Estrone, Thyroid Peroxidase, Free T3. Whew!

She also ordered something that no one has ever ordered for me. Which I find confusing considering I have so many gut related issues. It’s from an Genova diagnostics and It's called GI Effects Comprehensive. It tests for maldigestion, inflammation, dysbiosis, metabolite imbalance and infection in the gut! I'm super excited about the results of that, though it wasn't a fun collection process! lol

My blood test results came back and I haven’t had my appointment with her but a couple of things that were slightly off were not concerning at all. I'm sure that will mean a few dietary changes, but I'm ready!

I'll keep y'all updated on what the scoop is!


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