Dairy Free Delights

I have yet to find a cheese replacements. Soon, testing nut cheeses will be going on in my kitchen, but until then, just breathe. If you are addicted to cheese, it might be a chance to make a new start. You can take it out of your diet for a few weeks. When you add it back in, you can decide how it makes you feel. 
Yep, it says gluten free. But guess what! They are also dairy free!! YUMMM!

ADD ALMONDMILK TO YOUR PANTRY: Silky-smooth plain almondmilk tastes great in baking recipes, with cereal, or on its ownSHELF-STABLE: Comes in special packaging for convenient, non-refrigerated storageDELICIOUSLY WHOLESOME: Dairy-, lactose-, and casein-free; absolutely no soy, gluten, eggs, or MSG
NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED, VEGAN-FRIENDLY ALMONDMILK with no artificial colors or flavors

Verified Non-GMO, Allergy-Friendly, Certified Gluten-Free, Vegan, Kosher, Halal, Paleo-Friendly.
Enjoy Life products are free from gluten and wheat, peanuts, dairy, tree nuts, soy, casein, sulfites, egg, lupin, sesame, fish, mustard, crustaceans, shellfish.
Premium chocolate derived from sustainably harvested cocoa beans.
Made with all-natural ingredients.

If you know me, by now you know that I'd rather make it myself. But if you just HAVE to have your Swiss Miss, guess what?? They have a dairy free version!! 

More Coming Soon


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