A functional doctor is usually a medical doctor that has a lot of complementary medicine training as well as medical training. So they look for the root cause of your illness instead of just giving you medicine to try to stop the symptoms. Many of them use supplements as well as prescriptions.

When I eat grains, my fingers swell so much I have to take my wedding ring off, and I get bright red spots on some of my joints. Sometimes I can barely stand on my sore feet!
Some of the worst headaches I’ve ever had were because of food. Caffeine withdrawal was the worst, but sugar detox is a close second. 
I never thought much about food sensitivities and headaches until I married Chuck. He had migraine type headaches daily. We got him down to about two or three a month, but he was...  
I gained 3 pounds yesterday. Since 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of body fat, I know for sure it's not a calorie in calorie out thing. I would have had to eat over 10,000 calories! And that's laughable! I ate something I don't normally eat! 
If chocolate can make you happy, can some foods make you sad? I've found this to be true in my case, and I found out that of people who eliminate foods that they are sensitive to, 81% saw improvement in anxiety and depression!!

A common cause of hyperactivity is food sensitivity, specifically one thing. If you or your kids are hyperactive, let’s try this trick to see if it calms them down a bit.
If you've ever awakened in the middle of the night in a sweat with a massive headache and fluttering heart, it might be MSG
I’ve always felt a little overstuffed after eating chili or split pea soup. What about you? 
Some people have terrible bloating, gas, and even worse, vomiting and diarrhea! Have you ever made the lectin connection?
Food manufacturers add sulfites to delay browning and preserve the food or drink. 
Most people tolerate sulfites well, but some of us.... yep we are sensitive, especially susceptible to sulfite sensitivity are folks with asthma. 
Do you have IBS? Studies show up to 70% of those with IBS respond well to a low-FODMAP diet. 
What is it? How do you do it?
Oxalate sensitivity is often self-diagnosed by eating high oxalate foods after a low oxalate intake . There's, as of now, no medical diagnosis for oxalate sensitivity. Oxalates can cause systemic inflammation.  
Salicylates are a natural chemical found in many plants, and intolerance to salicylates is not fully understood, even by scientists. 
Have you ever wondered why sometimes you react to a food, and then you eat it again and you have no reaction? Me too! 
Histamine sensitivity is a real thing and you should know about it!

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